Centrum pomocy / Academy / Course location

Do you offer in-house training?

We offer In-house training at the highest, fully accredited standard to all salons, providing there are at least 4 members of staff taking part.

In-house training with TGB academy is a sure fire way to ensure your staff have the strongest skillset in your area, and thus have the best results with our products. By providing in-house training you can transform your employees from talented nail techs to TGB experts, meaning you can offer a full range of TGB treatments at the highest quality. 

In-house training can take your salon to the next level and allow you to offer the latest trends, best application techniques and provide the most up to date social and marketing skills. 

Not only will it increase the skill range and professionalism of everyone within the salon, in-house training is a fun, upbeat and completely immersive experience which encourages team-building skills and staff morale and motivation to reach optimum levels.